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Where is this data from?

Every day, GGTracker retrieves the details of thousands of matches from GGTracker users and their leaguemates. The stats here are primarily from the AM and EU servers, with a small amount of KR and SEA as well. We would be happy to share more detailed statistics with anyone who'd like to examine the data for accuracy and completeness.

What do 1.4.3 and 1.5.3 mean?

They refer to the version number of Starcraft patches that affect the balance of the game. See the complete list of patches here. 1.4.3 includes all matches played from 1.4.3 BU until 1.5.3 BU, and 1.5.3 includes all matches played from 1.5.3 onward.

When was this data last updated?

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What does +/- mean?

It tells you how far off the win% shown here might be from the "true" balance of the matchup, given the limited number of games in our sample. There's only a 5% chance that we are wrong about the true balance of the matchup by more than the +/- range reported here.

Suppose you had a perfectly fair coin and flipped it 10,000 times. Of course, you wouldn't get exactly 5,000 heads.

However, it'd be pretty close -- the chances are 95% that the number of heads would be in the range of 4,900 to 5,100. We'd call that +/- 1%. The formula is 1/sqrt(N), where N is the size of the sample. For more math fun, see Checking whether a coin is fair.

For each of the matchup/league combinations above, we use that formula to compute the +/-, with N = the # of games we have for that matchup and league.

Computers are good at flipping coins really fast. Your browser just flipped a perfectly fair coin {{ N }} times and got {{ numHeads }} heads, which is {{ pctHeads.toFixed(1) }} percent. Click here to flip the coins again.

You can change the number of coins here:

95% of the time, you will find that the percentage of heads will be 50.0 +/- {{ plusminus.toFixed(1) }}, that is it'll be between {{ (50.0 - plusminus).toFixed(1) }} and {{ (50.0 + plusminus).toFixed(1) }}.