GGTracker Pro gets you:

  • replay auto-uploader program*
  • sc2gears auto-upload*
  • multiple accounts
  • unlimited web replay uploads
  • a on your GGTracker profile
  • your clan logo or graphic on your GGTracker profile if you want
  • the satisfaction of knowing you're making eSports more awesome

  • private replays? if you would like this, let me know and I will add the capability to the site.

It's $5/month, sign up for GGTRACKER PRO

Players who are currently Grandmaster are entitled to GGTracker Pro for free. Just email dsjoerg at ggtracker dot com or tweet.

We also offer an Annual Subscription for $40/year.

If GGTracker Pro isn't for you, you can still help by telling three friends.    (Hat tip TumescentPie)