Frequently Asked Questions

Most of my games aren't here, LOL.

GGTracker only knows about the games that you (or your opponent) uploads.

Sometimes my Spending Skill doesn't seem to line up with my SQ. What's up with that?

Your Spending Skill is based on typical SQ levels for your race, region (NA, EU, etc) and game length. As you can see from the Spending Skill Stats, long games tend to have lower SQs. For example, an SQ of 76 for an EU Protoss in a 27-minute game is a Grandmaster-level performance, but in a 7-minute game that same SQ is only Platinum level.

How do I share my player profile page with someone?

Just send them the link! All player pages and match pages on GGTracker are public.

I'm playing in several regions. How do I add my account for the other regions I play in?

Each region (EU, NA, SEA, KR, CN) is a different profile. GGTracker Pro users can have multiple profiles in a single GGTracker account.

How do I delete a match?

Logged-in authenticated users can delete matches that they played in using the "DELETE" link on the match page, just below the map name.


Is Spending Skill right? My Spending Skill is higher than the league I'm in.

Yes, it's right. Player skills vary widely, and your Spending Skill in a particular game or on average might be different from the league you're in. See this discussion on TeamLiquid for more.

I have a question that's not listed here!

Email me at, I would be happy to help. Or tweet @ggtracker.

Who's behind GGTracker?