• This API is experimental. We might shut it down at any time.
  • Please contact us before using the API. If people are using this API, we can prioritize supporting it.
  • It's not perfect but it works.
  • Limit yourself to one request per second. If you need to go faster than that, please contact us and we'll arrange for a bulk download.
  • All results are in JSON. For maximum enjoyment of the following examples, install JSONview for Chrome or something like that.

Retrieve simple details for a GGTracker player

Use the player's GGTracker ID, like this: http://api.ggtracker.com/api/v1/identities/1455.json

Retrieve simple details for a GGTracker match

Use the match's GGTracker ID, like this: http://api.ggtracker.com/api/v1/matches/3529593.json

Retrieve extended details for a GGTracker match

Use the match's GGTracker ID, like this: https://gg2-matchblobs-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/3529593

Retrieve match details for a GGTracker player's latest ten PvT 1v1 ladder matches


Retrieve average APM for a GGTracker player


Retrieve Spending Skill for 1v1 Ladder matches

0.0 is bronze average, 1.0 is silver average, 2.0 gold, 3.0 plat, 4.0 diamond, 5.0 master, 6.0 grandmaster average.

Anything you see on the GGTracker website is accessible via the API as well. Have a question? Want something not documented here? Just ask!